Returning to... (Develop before April 1972) is an installation of expired photographic slide plates. These light sensitive glass plates were shattered in the darkroom. The shards of glass were collected in small piles and exposed to light. After development, the glass shards displayed a visual record of their exact pile arrangement during exposure. Using the visual markings on each shard, I was able to reassemble each pile and essentially return to the moment of capture. Piles were also contact printed on to full glass plates. 
This work deals with the ontology of the photographic image. It addresses photography's inherent link to distinct points in space/time. In a sense, the recreated piles of glass shards return to a moment in the past, freezing it for observation.  
Returning to... (Develop before April 1972) was exhibited at the Manetti Shrem Museum of Art in Davis, CA as part of the UC Davis MFA thesis exhibition. 
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